Ant Smasher


Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is a fun, free game that sees you...well, smashing ants! You have to splat them before they reach the other side of the screen. Your only weapon is your finger, and you've got to use it as quickly as possible, without accidentally hitting wasps or other insects.

That's the basics of Ant Smasher, but there's more. In Social mode, you can squish pictures of your contacts. It's not quite as fun as squashing antenna-ed arthropods, but if you've got it for someone, we can see how it might appeal.

So yes, Ant Smasher is simple and repetitive, but it's also got buckets of that addictive quality that keeps you in front of the screen for hours at a time. Go on, unleash your insecticidal fury with Ant Smasher!

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3 stars

Publisher/Developer: Niamh Lynch

Release Date: Sep 1, 2015

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