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Bejeweled LIVE

Bejeweled LIVE is a puzzle game where you match stones vertically and horizontally.

The simplicity of the gameplay is how Bejeweled LIVE is very addictive. Besides just matching the stones, it is possible to create chains for big combo points.Bejeweled LIVE requires three or more stones to be matched together before they will explode giving you points.

Bejeweled LIVE’s graphics are simple, but does not include any unnecessary elements allowing you to focus on each level. If you cannot find a match, Bejeweled LIVE will highlight stones by adding a “glint” effect catching your eye.

Bejeweled LIVE features three modes: the classic level gameplay where you reach a specific score before moving to the next level and the more difficult time trial, requiring you to make as many matches as possible before time runs out. Bejeweled LIVE also adds endless play allowing you to take time and enjoy the gameplay.

The game is easy to learn and difficult to master adding to the fun.

Bejeweled LIVE is one of the best casual games available.

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Operating System: WP7/WP7.5

Publisher/Developer: PopCap

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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