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Fling is a captivating puzzle game for Windows Phone which will test your powers of skill and logic.

The object of Fling is simply to clear the board of the little furry characters. You do this by 'flinging' one into another to knock it off the board. You need to think logically though, because you can only fling the creatures in a straight line, so you have to make sure none of them get stranded. The first fewlevels are a breeze but Fling! soon becomes very taxing, even on the easiest of the three difficulty levels.

There are three different game modes in Fling - Arcade, (where you have a given time to solve each puzzle before moving to the next level), Free Play, and Challenge (you have to solve a given number of puzzles within a set time limit).

The graphics in Fling are cute and colorful and the background music fits well, even if it does get a bit monotonous after a while.

Fling is a nice little pick-up-and-play timewaster, but it does get a bit frustrating after a while.

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Publisher/Developer: James Thornton

Release Date: Oct 13, 2015

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