Kinect Star Wars

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Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars is a social app that uses a Star Wars overlay to skin your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Kinect Star Wars also includes messages from the game in its own separate section in the app.

The connectivity of Kinect Star Wars just accesses your social networks and displays both feeds in separate menus. There is not a lot of other functionality in the app.

One distinct part of the app is that Kinect Star Wars can scroll your feeds like the opening sequence of the Star Wars movies. It is a nice visual touch, but does not add anything to the usefulness of the app.

There is one main problem with Kinect Star Wars. It is very slow to respond. To enter Twitter information, it took Kinect Star Wars a few seconds to even register entering the user handle. Once the feeds are loaded, the app still has lag when moving from screen to screen.

Kinect Star Wars is an average app that has little to do with the game it is named after.

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4 stars

Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5

Publisher/Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Release Date: Jun 10, 2014

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