Pandas vs Ninjas for Windows-phone-7 Pandas vs Ninjas


Pandas vs Ninjas for Windows-phone-7

Pandas vs Ninjas takes the formula started by Angry Birds and places pandas and ninjas as mortal enemies.

Anyone familiar with the style of Angry Birds knows exactly how Pandas vs Ninjas work.

For those unaware, players have to throw pandas into ninjas across the screen by gauging power and angle. Once decided, the panda is flung into the ninjas, who are protected by different structures, in the attempt to knock out each ninja on the stage before running out of pandas to throw.

The difference with Pandas vs Ninjas is that it looks much simpler in the visuals. There is less going on other than aiming pandas at the ninjas across the screen. Pandas vs Ninjas is also more difficult to play because the angles and power are a bit unguided.

Pandas vs Ninjas does not have the same addictive nature and the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive without the added challenge of attempting the high scores. As a recognizable clone, Pandas vs Ninjas looks and feels like the same puzzle game with a different skin.

Still containing a multitude of levels, Pandas vs Ninjas does offer a lot of actual gameplay, but beyond completing the levels there is not much else to do.

Pandas vs Ninjas fills a void for the puzzle genre, but falls short on execution.

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Operating System: Windows Phone 7

Publisher/Developer: Chris Park (@chrislikesrobot)

Release Date: Jun 14, 2016

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