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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 for Windows Phone 7 brings the magic of the virtual life simulation to your mobile device.

The original gameplay of The Sims 3 for Windows has been replicated in this WP7 version. You need to create a personalized character (a 'Sim') then control all aspects of their life in order to make them as happy and successful as possible.

Once you've customized the appearance of your character, you're dropped into a house in the world of The Sims 3. From here, you're on your own. You need to take care of yourself (eating, sleeping, using the washroom, etc.), find a job, make friends, and go shopping. From time to time your Sim will have a 'wish' that he or she wants to fulfill (catching fish, insulting someone, etc.) and you must help them achieve this to make them more happy.

The gameplay of The Sims 3 is fun and addictive, though the game doesn't have as much longevity as console and PC versions of this strategy game. More furniture, clothes, jobs, plus the ability to have babies would improve the shelf life of The Sims 3 for Windows Phone.

The 3D graphics in The Sims 3 are colorful and fun and manage to recapture the kooky presentation of the original. On the downside, navigating menus and selecting items is fiddly.

The Sims 3 is enabled for Xbox LIVE, helping to improve the longevity with challenges and leaderboards. There are 18 achievements to unlock, which will translate to 200 Gamerscore points if you get them all. You can view how you fare against others with weekly, monthly, and lifetime leaderboards.

If you're a Sims fan then The Sims 3 will provide your fix of virtual living on your phone. But don't expect the depth of the original here.

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Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5

Publisher/Developer: Electronic Arts

Release Date: Apr 19, 2014

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