uTorrent Remote


uTorrent Remote

uTorrent Remote is a Windows Phone app that will allow you to control uTorrent wherever you might be.

Easy install

uTorrent Remote for Windows Phonen is a tiny download that won't take up much space on your device's memory. Once it's on your phone, you'll have to open up the desktop client for Mac or PC and set up an account from there - the app doesn't allow you to do this from your mobile device. Located under the "preferences" options, signing up is as easy as choosing a computer name and password. Then open up the uTorrent Remote app on your phone, and you'll be able to control all your torrents remotely.

User-friendly interface

Once inside the app, you'll see that it's very easy to use. Although the uTorrent Remote for Windows Phone is simplified, it's still very understandable at first glance. You'll quickly see what's downloading, seeding and completed, as well as your labels and feeds. Clicking on any of the categories will show you the files currently in action, and clicking on any of the files will let you see more details. Of course, uTorrent Remote has clear and simple buttons to pause, delete or view the individual files of any download.


From your menu button, you'll be able to manage additional tasks with uTorrent Remote. Adding the URL of a torrent or feed is achieved via Add, while you can also view local files and logout. uTorrent Remote's settings on your actual mobile device are pretty limited, but bear in mind that most of the tweaking will be achieved via the desktop client, so the Windows Phone settings don't need to be too advanced. You can, however, limit uTorrent's upload and download speeds, and enable or disable downloads to your phone over 2G and 3G.

A small issue

We only had one issue with uTorrent Remote - it proved to be very buggy at times. This can be frustrating, but was usually remedied by logging in and out of the various clients a few times. Also bear in mind that your home PC or Mac must be on with uTorrent running for the app to work.

If you use uTorrent and have a Windows Phone, you'd be mad to miss µTorrent Remote.

Download and use it now: uTorrent Remote free download

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Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7.8,Windows Phone 8

Publisher/Developer: Softonic Editorial Team

Release Date: Jun 10, 2015

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